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Advertising On Talk Radio May Be Better Than Ads On Music Radio

Recently, I have noticed some of my radio habits when driving in my car. When I'm listening to music I tend to switch radio stations whenever a commercial comes on. When I'm listening to talk radio I tend to leave the dial as is whether I'm listening to a talk show or whether a commercial is playing.
I've been thinking about why this is the case and if other radio listeners have the same tendencies as I do. Here is what I think: When I'm in the mood for music, I want to hear music; I don't want to listen to radio advertisements. When I listen to talk radio, I get immersed in the topic being discussed and my concentration is on that topic. A commercial break does not cause me to change the dial. So I end up hearing the ads.
Not only do I hear the ads on talk radio, but I also remember them. A high majority of the ads I hear on talk radio are "talk" ads. That is, instead of the usual jingles, the ads normally involve someone talking. So they tend to "blend in" with the show. For example, a recurring ad that I hear is one by a man named Saul Korman that owns a clothing store named Korry's in Toronto. His ads are always different and it always involves him talking. He doesn't just talk about his store but talks about other things like friends and vacations. It doesn't even sound like an advertisement. Like I said, his ads blend in with the show and you don't even notice that they are ads.
Can talk radio advertising work for you? Radio talk shows are targeted specifically towards an audience that share an interest for a particular topic (for example, sports, politics, relationships, current events) and advertising on talk radio stations could, quite possibly, be better targeted than a music radio station would be.
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