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Christian Music Radio By Elizabeth Morgan

Today, there are numerous radio stations all over the world playing Christian music for everyone to enjoy. There are those that play Christian music round the clock in major markets throughout America. Based on latest count, there are more than 1,500 Christian radio stations in the United States. Given the huge supply of radio stations serving the Christian community, the audience can expect some variations in each station's programming, as each tries to capture their target audience share.
The Christian music radio stations are generally classified as traditional and commercial.
Traditionally, the programs of Christian radio stations concentrate on conveying Christian messages in their music. The music is limited to gospel or worship, and the principal goal is to strengthen the faith of the listeners and attract non-believers by combining the power of God's words and music. As most of the traditional radio stations are owned or subsidized by Christian organizations, the concern for profit is clearly not emphasized. The traditional radio stations even conduct and support events within their ministry as a way of reaching out to their listeners. Some of the radio stations interject political news or talk shows in their programming to keep it more interesting.
The commercial Christian music radio stations are more selective in the type of Christian music they play. They opt to play the music of more popular Christian artists in order to attract more advertisers. They tend to ignore new artists that might not appeal to their listeners. The increase in advertising leads to a higher market value for the station and greater profit growth. These radio stations play all kinds of current Christian music including folk, country, alternative, pop, rock and roll, punk, hip hop/rap or heavy metal.
Whether you are a traditional or a commercial Christian music listener, there is always a radio station that will satisfy your listening needs.
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