Selasa, 03 April 2012

dream theater live in jakarta

Dream Theater concert tickets prices are in Jakarta, 21 April 2012 | Where to buy concert tickets for Dream Theater? | Although not as popular as METALICA or AX7, Dream Theater fans will be very large in Indonesia. Especially the "youth" is still kinyis-kinyis, hehe .... If you are now a dozen years old it probably does not exist or are not familiar with the legendary progressive rock band. Or was your lover boy-girl-band style so ... Korea, wkwkwk. Certainly you do not care about the news first Dream Theater concert in Indonesia will take place later in the 21st April 2012. But for those who are now about 25 years old, can look forward to hopefully Dream Theater concert tickets prices are not too expensive, hehe ... If I really, is positive - do not look. Missing my baby milk ... sech

From the official website, Dream Theater have confirmed their concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is part of the Asian Tour Dream Theater 2012th Dream Theater is scheduled to appear in one of the newest Hall of Carnival Beach Ancol, Jakarta. It is Eagle Eye Indoor Stadium venue. Continues where to buy tickets?

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