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Wow! Things sure have changed over the last few years and really decades as to how consumers spend, their loyalty and the ability that advertising drives really can have. In the 1950's studies show that around 66% of shoppers were considered to be loyal and at that time, advertising only had to drive 1 out of every three shoppers. Today with very little loyalty estimated at around only 12% that can be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you are looking at. With those numbers today's advertising drives as much as 7 out of every 8 shoppers. That's stunning when you stop to think about it. We could go into all of the reasons that today's shoppers differ from the past, but that wouldn't help your next advertising drive.
Focusing on what is and how we can use that to our advantage, let's look at a few ideas that might just jump-start your next radio or TV spot. In some ways it is definitely harder, but in some other ways, it's easier for the smaller guy to make an in and grab a percentage of the customer base.
What can you do? What forms of advertising should you use and how much should you be spending on your advertising? Great questions. While I'm not sure that anyone can answer most if not all of those questions without knowing your sales history, product and where you would like to see your numbers grow to, we can at least look at some ideas that will definitely improve your next marketing campaign.
Firstly in order to compete in this market you have got to be unique - So many shoppers have mentioned that they don't realize where a store is after going by it time after time, because it looks just like every other store within that market. Secondly, your message has got to be rememberable. What are you currently doing in your advertising that creates a connection between you and your customer? Customers do buy out of loyalty, even though the loyalty numbers are significantly different than years gone by.
Remember this point if you remember nothing else - 98% of customers buy from who they think of first. Do they think of you first? Great music and production can go miles beyond the average and most of the time in-house voice over and production guy at the radio and cable companies. The in-house production uses low-cost production music that everyone else uses - how different and unique are you really going to be - not very. We always strive to create productions that everyone can sing and remember and that ultimately will boost your sales numbers. Don't get trapped into thinking that cheap is going to get it because in this economy, it usually doesn't.
Remember that 98% of customers purchase from who they think of first - Are they thinking about you and your company?
Mr Gauger is an accomplished TV and radio writer with too many credits to list here. You may contact the author at or 615-300-5030. You may visit the author's website at This author works with small business to national brand names.

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